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Lil Wayne when he was 14 years old with Puffy, Baby, Juvenile and Mr. Ex...

ive posted it before and ill probly do it again

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More ass than a toilet seat.

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When Life

Art fags of the Dzay

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I remember that

If you are one of those heads that must get every DVD that comes out regardless of the city or hemisphere you live then you would've already watched and formed your own opinion,but your still reading so lets go on a grainy tour (a war zone if you will) of extinct Brisbane halls of fame,from mass Bovine slaughter,sources of power and various squats(Most spots kinda served as squats back then)from Finders st to Roma st with more dinosaur's than Jurassic park and for the price of a pack of durrys you cant really go wrong .
Oh yeah ,for those that wanna dig around the menu screen you may discover an egg left over from last Easter .